ABZ Valve

High Performance Butterfly Valves and Actuation

ABZ® is part of Forum™ Energy Technologies' 'Valve Solutions Group'. ABZ® Valve manufactures standard and high performance butterfly valves and actuation products. ABZ® offers resilient seated and double or triple offset butterfly valves for petroleum refineries, chemical processing plants, power generation plants, pulp & paper plants and other processing facilities.

Butterfly Valves

ABZ® butterfly valves are designed, engineered and manufactured for regular and high pressure service and many are rated for full dead end service. Butterfly valves are available in a large variety of materials and lug or lugless mounting configurations.
Sizes: 1-1/2" - 72"
Classes: 150 - 600
Pressures: Up to 200 psi

Actuation Products

ABZ® manufactures a variety of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuation products for oil & gas, petroleum, chemical, power, pulp & paper and other applications.
Sizes: For valves up to 72"

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