Crume Services

Crume Sales offers in-house and onsite location repair services 24 hours a day, every day. Crume offers repair services for their own name brand valves and controls and other manufactures' products as well. Please call a Crume Sales valve team representative today to schedule an in-house or onsite repair service. They'll make sure all your system valves are operating at peak performance meeting manufacturers OEM specifications and in compliance with leading industry standards and qualifying authorities. System PRV “Pressure Relief Valves“ recertification is also available as an ongoing system maintenance program to help keep your work site and employees safe. Don't put your personnel or work site at risk or be caught out of compliance, let us make it easy. It's what we do everyday.

Available Services

Please contact your Crume Sales valve team representative today for these and other services.

  • In-house repair service 24 hours a day
  • Onsite location repair service
  • PRV pressure relief valve recertification
  • Replacement parts and kits
  • System valve and controls asset management

Mobile Repair Cell for On Location Service

Crume has a fully stocked and tooled portable repair cell trailer that can be transported to your location for quicker service or repair. Many times it's more convenient and cost effective to make repairs on location, especially with custom modifications.

Contact your Crume service representative for more information about your repair and maintenance needs and discuss which repair options would work best for your project.