Pipe Cutters, Threaders, Tools and Vises

Reed manufactures a full line of pipe tools for machine shops, mechanics, welders, plumbers and portable maintenance crews for oil & gas, industrial and municipal applications.

Pipe Cutters

Reed pipe cutters are designed to resist breakage and last longer. They offer cutters and cutter wheels to cut a variety of plastics and metal pipe, tubing and conduit.
Sizes: 1/4" - 48"

Pipe Threaders

Reed manufactures pipe threaders for shop and field applications. Reed inventories a full line of pneumatic and electric driven threading machines and power drives, universal dies and threader sets.
Sizes: 1/2" - 2" NPT

Pipe Tools

Reed offers a wide variety of pipe tools for your shop or truck including portable threaders, benders, pliers, stud punch, saws, tapping machines and many more.
Sizes: Up to 14"

Bench and Field Vises

Reed manufactures a full range of bench and pipe vises, pipe clamps and welding vises for shop and field applications.
Sizes: Up to 20"

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